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    • March 29, 2021
    • April 9, 2021
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Job Summary

Location of Assignment: Harare
Duration of Assignment: 5 Days
Reports to: The Director
The Centre for Conflict Management a Transformation was formed in 2003 to address conflicts which were prevalent at national and local level. Since its formation, CCMT places a lot of emphasis on the nonviolent resolution to conflicts. After a strategy evaluation, CCMT added lobby and advocacy intervention to complement the conflict transformation work the organization has been known for many years. An assessment carried out, pointed out that CCMT needs to strengthen its gender mainstreaming work across all its project. This should be at institutional level where project proposals, work plans, project activities, project reviews and project documentation succinctly demonstrates gender mainstreaming in the organization.
The consultant is expected to undertake a document review of CCMT and subsequently facilitate a 2 day gender mainstreaming workshop programme for 11 staff members.
The proposed workshop should ensure that CCMT staff understand the key gender concepts, themes and gender mainstreaming processes, understand gender mainstreaming as a strategy to achieve gender equality, Develop awareness of the challenges to gender mainstreaming and build competency to address these challenges, Explain and differentiate the various frameworks for gender analysis as means of gender mainstreaming and Strengthen the capacity of CCMT staff to apply gender mainstreaming effectively in the organization.
CCMT roles
CCMT shall provide the Consultant with the information necessary for the performance of the service; Arrange meetings with respective CCMT staff.
The consultant is expected to produce the following critical outputs/deliverables: Design a workshop programme and share with CCMT before the workshop; Provide a detailed gender mainstreaming workshop report and gender mainstreaming tools as a part of the report.

Duties And Responsibilities

Consultant Roles and Responsibilities
Review existing organizational documents ascertain the level of gender mainstreaming in the organization’s projects and activities; Facilitate a two day workshop for 11 CCMT programme and support staff; Produce a workshop process report with follow up plans. Gender mainstreaming tools shared during the workshop should be part of the annexes.

Qualifications And Experience

Consultant Technical Requirement
The consultant should have the following: Professional experience of at least three years in training on gender mainstreaming strategies including principles and tools; University degree of any related field to gender and development; Demonstrated excellent skills in development of training courses and in conducting of training; Ability to apply participatory and interactive approach to workshop / training design and facilitation; Availability to deliver training workshop within provided timelines; Solid experience in developing training manuals on gender mainstreaming/integration

How To Apply

To apply
interested consultants should send their expression of interest together with a financial proposal to copying

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