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    • February 22, 2021
    • Feb. 26, 2021
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Job Summary

Applicants are invited to apply for the job vacancy post which has risen in SNV Netherlands Development Organization. Duration of contract: One year.

Duties And Responsibilities

Vehicle operations and Safety

Have end responsibility for use of car, clean and fuel vehicle, check inventory (e.g. first aid kit, second tire etc.) and status of the vehicle, identify any damage and report these to supervisor, arrange and keep track of periodical service schedule and insurance,


Drive passengers or deliver errands within the identified areas, following the traffic regulations, safety instructions and situations and based on the travel arrangements of the passengers and/or delivery requirements. Ability to use onboard equipment such as 4×4, radios or winches.

Technical Maintenance

Regularly check and maintain the main maintenance areas (e.g. oil, tire pressure etc.), identify technical malfunctions, check potential repair alternatives, initiate repairs to the vehicles in consultation with the supervisor in case of complex and/or costly repair


Keep logbook of all driving activities, fuel and any incidents and accidents. Ensure insurances and licence’s of vehicles are up to date.

Additional activities

Execute activities to support others based on request, like assist in logistic activities, or support in maintenance of building.

Planning and Coordination

Plan transport, contact suppliers and garages for maintenance and services, ensure valid insurances for fleet and check and document valid driver license of all persons driving SNV Vehicles

Qualifications And Experience

• 5‘O’ level.
• Valid Defensive Driver’s Certificate.
• Minimum of a valid class 4 driving license.
• Knowledge of operations of four-wheel drive driven vehicles (4×4).
• Five (5) years’ experience in similar organization/ NGO working environment.
• Good Written and spoken English.
• Able to pass SNV driving test.

How To Apply

Apply online, visit the website below.

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