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Job Summary

Duration: 6 Months with possibility of extension subject to funding

Job summary :
 The Executive Director is responsible for the development, funding and implementation of the country strategy and the growth of program portfolio that effectively addresses the underlying causes and effects of malnutrition in line with NAZ values (Charter), Programming Principles, and Strategy.
 S/he must also ensure that systems / procedures are in place and properly implemented, and that they ensure the proper management, well-being and safety of NAZ staff, and the proper use of NAZ resources.
 The Executive Director must build on best practices previously developed on the organisation
 The Executive Director must create a shared vision among all staff. S/he is responsible for promoting NAZ Charter and ensuring an organizational culture where NAZ core values are embedded, teamwork is encouraged and all staff feels valued.
 S/he is responsible for maintaining good working relationships with government officials, donors and other partners.

Line managed by the Board of Directors and in compliance with NAZ standards, the Executive Director is decision maker on the following key issues:
 Implementation of country strategy
 Definition of organizational chart
 Recruitment of personnel
 Proposals and donors’ reports
 Management of the field structure budget
 Resource mobilisation
 Security
 Respect of the NAZ Charter
 Prevention of frauds and Power Abuses
The Board of Directors validates the country strategy prepared by the Executive Director.
Evaluation and internal control processes are implemented to ensure the compliance of the Organization activities with NAZ and Donors standards.

Duties And Responsibilities

The Executive Director is responsible for implementing a sound and relevant delegation system (with appropriate control mechanisms), which will allow him / her to be accountable for all the following responsibilities.
Key role : Lead the preparation, updating, implementation of the strategy appropriate for the context and in line with the vision and the Organization.
 Ensure that a high quality strategic plan, based on thorough contextual analysis, is developed/updated using an inclusive and participatory process.
 Ensure implementation of the strategy is monitored and updated as required in line with context’s evolution
 Ensure understanding of strategic plan and approaches by all stakeholders.
 Ensure timely final validation of proposals and reports

Organizational Growth and fundraising
 Develop and promote a strategy for organizational funding resources generation both within Zimbabwe and elsewhere
 Identify and secure adequate funding for ongoing and future program activities on a timely basis.
 Collaborate proactively with colleagues in seeking funding for programme, placements and related activities, and in complying with donor requirements
 Proactively support the Nutrition Action Zimbabwe publicity and communications aims, ensuring contributions from management and partners

Key role : Oversee the Organization programming to ensure the effective and efficient design, implementation and evaluation of NAZ’s programs and projects
 Ensure that programs are in line with the context and NAZ vision
 Work with senior staff to generate viable programs in line with the strategy
 Ensure that programs have proper phasing out strategies and oversee phasing out implementations
 Ensure that the Organization is ready and able to respond to emergencies when they occur and oversee the Organization response during emergencies.
 Control that systems and staff are in place to guarantee that the Organization programs :
 are designed and implemented based on sound analysis,
 address the underlying causes and effects of malnutrition
 are in line with NAZ Programming Principles
 are consistent with NAZ standards for program quality and NAZ technical strategies.
 Verify that proper monitoring and evaluation systems are in place to demonstrate impact of NAZ programs and that learning is included into programs to ensure ongoing improvements.
 Ensure the regular production of NAZ dashboards and monitoring tools including sitrep and activity progress reports.
 Follow-up on internal and external audit recommendations

Key role: Develop and enhance relationships between the team and donors’ representatives, civil society, private sector, government agencies and other organizations, acknowledging diversity as an asset of the humanitarian community.
 Establish and maintain good relationships with relevant – counterparts/departments of the government, the locally represented multi/bi-lateral donors, UN agencies, foundations, international and national NGOs and civil society organizations.
 Support and work effectively in coalitions and networks in the respect of principles of equality, transparency, result oriented approach and complementarities.
 Ensure cordial media relations and act as NAZ spokesperson as required (relevant?)
 Lead the relationship with key partner ACF and implementation of the capacity development plan

Key role : Lead the preparation, regular updating and implementation of the security plan in line with NAZ standards and procedures
 Ensure the Organization has a security plan in place in line
 Control that security plan is properly followed under the technical guidance of the Field Supervisor at district level and Logistics manager at national level.
 Control that appropriate security guidelines and procedures are established, maintained/ updated regularly and adhered to by the team.
 Undertake security networking at all levels
 Analyse the information gathered and provide risk and context analysis;
 Be responsible for the management and oversight of security of all international and national staff and visitors
 Be part of the crisis team in case of critical security incidents
 Follow-up on security internal and external audit recommendations

Key role : Oversee the management and development of the Organization’s human resources and create a shared vision, among all staff, of NAZ’s values and program’s aims and their role in achieving these
 Management of direct reports
 Oversee the recruitment and orientation of new staff and be part of the recruitment of direct reports.
 Provide proper supervision and management for all direct reports
 Manage staff effectively, including appropriate delegation with a view to achieving results and developing capacities
 Ensure that all managers has the capacity building of their staff as one of their key goals
 Proactively address performance issues through regular, constructive and honest feedback and coaching.
 Ensure the proper implementation of NAZ management system for direct reports, including job description, mid-term and final appraisal
 Control that Senior Leadership Staff operate in a transparent and participatory manner

Human resources
 Ensure the Organization has a HR strategy and a training plan
 Ensure the Organization has appropriate team structures and it is reviewed according to projected programs needs
 Ensure levels of authority and responsibility are clearly defined
 Effectively design and lead organizational change processes which enable the Organization to respond to challenges
 Actively promote the well-being of staff by monitoring the quality of staff relations and staff morale and taking corrective action where necessary.
 Control that strong HR strategies, systems, policies and processes are in place and monitored
 Control that the personnel and the partners’ teams work effectively together and achieve the program objectives.
 Follow-up on HR internal and external audit recommendations

Key role : Oversee and direct the appropriate mobilization, use and management of financial and logistic resources in the mission in line with NAZ policies and donor requirements.
 Monitor the Organization’s financial position, and ensure the best use of available resources.
 Oversee the development and review of the Organization’s annual budget
 Ensure management structure of the Organization’s is proportional to Organization’s income
 Control that qualified staff and appropriate policies, procedures and systems for finance and logistic are in place and functioning throughout the Organization.
 Control that adequate internal controls are in place to protect the Organization’s financial and non-monetary assets and that the resources are used in accordance with partner, donor terms and conditions.
 Control that appropriate financial and logistic reporting systems are in place to meet both internal needs and external requirements
 Follow-up on finance and logistic internal and external audit recommendations

Key role: Key actor between the team and the partners, the Executive Director contributes to maintain good working relationships with the partners by complying with information demands and using the partners’ expertise to optimize the strategy implementation.
 Proactively refer to the partners for any matter that could jeopardize the programs, the funding or the security of staff and premises
 Ensure teams proactively express relevant demands of support to partners in order to maximize operational efficiency and impact
 Prepare and facilitate any donors’, partners’ field visit
 Generally speaking, be a facilitator between the team, the partners and the Board of Directors
 Verify that various deadlines set by donors and partners are respected
 Pilot the follow-up on partners’, donors’ recommendations

Qualifications And Experience

• Minimum of BSc Degree in Nutrition, Political Science, Development Studies or any Technical field plus 5 years relevant experience
• Masters Degree will be added advantage.

• At least 5 years previous experience in a relief NGO.
• Minimum of two year’s previous experience in an NGO in managerial position.
• Previous management experience is highly preferred.
• Knowledge or experience of donor guidelines indispensable.
• Experience in security management.

How To Apply

1. Send Cover letters with up-to-date detailed CVs and clearly indicate the post applied for in the email subject to by 26th of March 2021 COB
2. Fill in an application form, using a link that you will get as soon as you email your application. The link will be sent to your application email within 24 hours of you submitting your application.

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