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    • March 10, 2021
    • March 15, 2021
    •  Full Time
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Job Summary

Applications are sought for Genomics Technician to work within National Biotechnology Authority Genomics Centre. The role will be primarily concerned with running a Genexus Ampliseq ion torrent, sequencing and analysing various samples in the area of Medical, Agricultural, and Environmental Biotechnology.

Duties And Responsibilities

Developing Standard Operating Procedures SOPs for molecular equipment
Facilitate the procurement of molecular equipment and installations
Training other personnel equipment operation
Providing general research support in the arears of evolutionary genomics and genetics, including training of research staff and students in common molecular biology methods.
Providing support to research staff and students in the general housekeeping of reagents , archiving samples, maintaining freezers
Analysing bioinformatics using Geneious, QIIME and BioEdit etc.

Qualifications And Experience

Masters Degree in Molecular Biology
At least 2 years working experience
Specific Knowledge of principles of high throughout sequencing and optical mapping, including the isolation and handling of ultra high molecular weight DNA
Experience of handling tissue and the isolation and QC of nucleic acids
Computer literacy and working knowledge of bioinformatics and statistics software such as STATA,R,SPSS,Geneious,QIIME.
Ability to perform tasks with care ,is thorough and checks work for accuracy and completeness
Strong attention to detail for repetitive tasks.

How To Apply

interested applicants should submit applications not later than 15 March 2021, clearly marked Genomics Technician together with detailed Curriculum Vitae to