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    • March 13, 2022
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Job Summary

Photography, Branding and Marketing Company

Duties And Responsibilities

Participating, strategizing, taking responsibility and facilitating the following
➢ photographing and filming all events, adverts, individuals, corporates that hire the company
➢ Social media managing and marketing of the company’s pages, and its contracted client’s
➢ Involvement in all photographic and filming carried out by the company
➢ Facilitating and managing VA and all promotional tasks and marketing tasks
➢ Facilitating and executing direct, digital and social media marketing
➢ Facilitating and executing creative and beautiful photographs, and presenting on social
media all products samples
➢ Creating weekly CTAs and preparation of related materials
➢ Monthly reports
➢ Attending monthly meetings
➢ Creating and executing ideas that help in the advancement of the company
➢ Carrying all work-related tasks given by the directors or co-workers
➢ Assisting in all departments/team members in all work-related staff
➢ Summary monthly report of all marketing that took place, and figures
➢ Designing, Branding and Printing the company and its customers’ material
➢ Distribution of flyers to all clients and all concurring service providers
➢ Attending monthly meetings
➢ Weekly promo designs
➢ Any other duties stipulated by the employer/supervisor/coworkers

Qualifications And Experience

A minimum of Undergrad in Graphic Design, Media and Society Studies or related studies

How To Apply

Use the link below to apply

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