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Job Summary

The incumbent will be responsible to the Retail Director and will implement strategic Retail and Operations activities in the division. Key responsibilities include provision of strategic leadership to Retail Operations Department for the installation and maintenance of is products and services in line with TelOne’s Digitalisation thrust and Client Service Charter.

Duties And Responsibilities

Strategic Planning
• Develops strategic initiatives for the Retail Operations department and National Operations master plan that support the Corporate’s Fbced Mobile Convergence strategy.
• Cascades TelOne’s Business Plan to Regional Operations Managers and other line managers for adoption.
• Participates in TelOne’s quarterly strategy reviews and formulation of appropriate interventions to achieve set objectives.
• Scans the operating environment and develops business strategies that mitigate threats and takes advantage of opportunities.
Revenue Generation & Profitability
• Develops and implement selling strategy that takes advantage of the presence of operations staff throughout the country.
• Develops credit management framework that enables staff to enter into payment plans with debtors and manage the contracts by collecting agreed premiums on monthly basis.
• Monitors and controls departmental expenditure to within budgetary provision on a continuous basis.
• Manages and Controls, usage of key operational resources such as vehicles, network elements,
equipment and other assets used by the organization for the purposes of generating revenue.
• Analyses service usage trends in order to assess network capacity adequacy on a continuous basis and take appropriate interventions to increase capacity.
Client Relationship Management
• Develops, implements and maintains policies and procedures for installing, troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining the CT network in compliance with POTRAZ regulations and ITU standards.
• Analyses of a national traffic data to determine the demand for voice, Broadband IP Services (VoIP, data, Internet, WiFi, VSAT} and VPN services and avail optimum network elements and capacity.
• Develops standards for preparation of reports to evaluate traffic loads and identification of future needs for additional hardware and/or software required to maintain efficient growth patterns and levels of satisfactory service.
• Ensures smooth Implementation and Integration of new services are done In order and communication relayed to all stakeholders in time.
Process Development & Implementation
• Delegates purchasing authority levels to Regional Managers to ensure efficient operation of the department as and when necessary.
• Manages relations with stakeholders such as Government department

Qualifications And Experience

Process Development & Implementation
• Delegates purchasing authority levels to Regional Managers to ensure efficient operation of the department as and when necessary.
• Manages relations with stakeholders sud, as Government departments, community groups and utilities to ensure support in resource provision on a continuous basis.
• Interfaces closely with other functional heads, vendors, and stakeholders to ensure resolution to Issues affecting service delivery and maintenance.
• Sets quality of service standards for all products and services offered annually in line with POTRAZ recommendations to meet customer satisfaction and regulatory requirements and review such standards as and when necessary.
Performance Management
• Implements performance management for the department in line with TelOne corporate goals.
• Cascades performance objectives to all subordinates and review performance to meet key business objectives of revenue generation, revenue collection, profitability and customer satisfaction as and when necessary.
People Management
• Implements all aspects of HR functions within the department with respect to recruitment needs, training, review, personal development, performance monitoring and team building.
• Takes responsibility for absence, disciplinary and grievance policies for the Department.
• Undertakes all people management related activities in accordance with the TelOne’s Standards.
Qualifications / Expettence
• A Bachelor’s Degree In Social Science/Business Management/Telecommunications/Electronic/ Computer Engineering or equivalent.
MBA/ MBL is an added advantage.
5 years’ experience at Management Level.

• Strong business acumen, management and analytical skills.
• Good communication and interpersonal skills with employees and stakeholders.
• Ability to think strategically and translate Insights Into action.
• Ability to multitask and manage multiple priorities.

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