Our client is a technology business within the energy space. They are looking for a strong Systems Administrator to add to their tech team. The role requires someone who is strong on servers, integrations, running reports and SQL queries. 

Duties & Responsibilities

You would work collaboratively in a dev team with your main responsibilities working with multiple databases, which includes a lot of integration with third party suppliers. The role is a combination of:

1 – Servers

Server admin, provisioning server, software running on server, manage DNS for domains

Day to day running of infrastructure

2 – Integrations

With third party suppliers systems

Push and pull data through API and databases

They currently do this in JavaScript (Node JS)  on server side

3 – running reports

They run reports on the back end for internal guys

Again this is done in JavaScript programming

This is not a database specialist role.

Connect to database, run queries

Basic SQL

Linux Experience

Command Linux experience

SSH into server and run commands

On server, connecting database, server. Configuring

Programming needed – not hardcore dev

And if don’t have JavaScript can also look at people with things like Python and Pearl

The queries they run are not too complex

Desired Experience & Qualification

They basically looking for someone with all-round experience in servers, databases, integrations and running reports (ideally 3 – 4 years)

The right attitude is of huge important too.