Massage Therapist Job, Other Professions,

We are seeking an experienced lady Massage therapist to join our growing healthcare team in Nairobi. In this role, you will be responsible for reviewing and evaluating the medical needs of our patients to develop adequate treatment plans.

You will work with our patients to assist in practicing exercises and physical therapy designed to ease pain and increase mobility and must be well versed in the study of physical therapy with a background in rehabilitating patients with illnesses or injuries.


  • Provide massage therapy based on the treatment that has been determined
  • Provide client specific information and guidance about techniques for stretching, strengthening, relaxing, postural improvement and rehabilitating exercises
  • Confer with doctors and nurses to design client treatment plans
  • Make referrals to different specialists if it is ascertained that the client’s condition will benefit from it • Preparation and blending of oils for application to the client’s skin
  • Treat clients in professional settings, or in clients’ homes
  • Use complementary aids like wet compresses, ice, infrared lamps and whirlpool baths to enhance treatment effectiveness and promote client’s recovery and well being
  • Prompt arrival at the client’s home as per client request • Uphold standards of sanitation and sterilisation as required by law and the institution
  • Perform prep work, maintain a clean work environment and track inventory of products used for massage therapy
  • Handle client enquiries with courtesy, respond to questions and provide information in an accurate, appropriate and timely manner
  • Work independently and without the need for direct supervision Asses a client’s soft tissue condition, muscle strength, range of motion and joint quality and function


  •  Certificate Course
  • Three years working experience
  • 30 years and above
  • Good interpersonal skills and communication
  • Compassionate and sensitive to patients needs and concerns
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision

How to Apply

All Interested candidates should send their CVs to by 15th December 2020.