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Job Summary

The incumbent will be responsible for providing treatment for physical problems resulting from illness, injury or disability, and for assisting with rehabilitation process by developing and restoring the functions of the body enabling patients to improve their mobility.

Duties And Responsibilities

1. Provide assessment, plan care and deliver a range of physical treatments to resolve, restore or maintain physical based conditions.
2. Provide treatment to reduce pain, increase mobility and limit secondary functional disability by providing effective and evaluated individualized programs of care.
3. Assess, treat and monitor mobility problems by providing appropriate assistance from walking aids and supports.
4. Participate in ward rounds to communicate treatment plans and support the medical team in providing holistic patient centered care.
5. Provide support to the medical multidisciplinary team by providing a physiotherapy based assessment of the patient’s physical conditions.
6. Ensure that patient need and progress are communicated to other members of the medical multidisciplinary team as appropriate.

Qualifications And Experience

-Physiotherapist degree from qualified, recognized medical institution. Current licensure
-1 to 3 years experience in a private, hospital or rehabilitation facility.
Experience in the developing world strongly preferred.
-Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Knowledge of standard concepts, practices and procedures within the field of physiotherapy. Knowledge of common safety hazards and precautions to establish a safe working environment. Ability to handle multiple tasks. Establish priorities and work independently. Ability to keep matters confidential.

How To Apply

candidates who meet the above qualifications should send their CV to

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