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    • January 22, 2021
    • Jan. 30, 2021
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Job Summary

Shell Is Looking For A Regional Logistics Executive (Midlands)

Duties And Responsibilities

Job Description:

Ensure customer orders’ are delivered on time in full as per agreed service level agreement in a safe & cost effective manner
Follow up with transporters to ensure timely delivery of finished products.
Manage day to day operations of depots & warehouses and training service providers and implementing Shell initiatives viz, Core Logistics Process, Safe Warehousing Standards etc.
Adhering to Shell General Business Principles in all transactions and conduct of business with external parties; demonstrate and inculcate this behavior within the team members internally.
Demonstrating commitment to and be responsible for HSSE and RTHSSE and the company’s initiative on sustainable development; inculcating safety conscious behavior, with external parties and internally within the team; meeting the safety targets
Assist the Regional Logistics Manager, to manage the depot activities and providing day to day support (both proactive and reactive) on any of the issues already referred to, as well as response to immediate/unusual situations.
What we need from you:

Executes packed delivery scheduling processes to ensure Delivery Promise is met. Focuses on schedule development and provides follow up on the execution of order scheduling. Monitors stock availability and orders and performs various tasks necessary to schedule. Packed only not bulk.
To confirm that packed and bulk deliveries have been delivered as loaded and to resolve discrepancies. Check POD data where this method is used. Packed only not bulk.
This role has the ability to create/change an inbound delivery and to schedule a dock time for products (packed and bulk) that are being shipped from a vendor or another shell plant into a storage facility for Shell finished products or products that are required in the production of Lubricants.
This role will also communicate with vendors to arrange timing.
This role also sends documentation to the freight forwarder and provides copies to the security house to ensure they are aware of vehicles entering the site.
To record de-centralized receipt of materials in-line with the Purchase Order in a timely manner. “Decentralized” in this role name is to distinguish this role from a similar role in PGS Inventory Management “Create Goods Receipt Centralized”.
To record services executed by Suppliers or to select the correct services from the catalog in the case of unplanned service Purchase Orders. To reverse incorrect service confirmations.
To approve/reject Service receipts created by either Shell staff or automatically created following presentation of a correct e-invoice.
This role is responsible for providing Product Master Warehouse information and coordinating storage at the warehouse where the storage is located. Additionally, they will provide information on the capacity of the storage, and loading information including palletization

Qualifications And Experience

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