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Job Summary

Strategic management of all areas across the business, its people and other resources, to ensure sustainable growth of its consolidated Balance Sheet and Income Statement by identifying business growth opportunities (new markets, new products and new services) and deliver those through the design of the most cost effective delivery channel appropriate to the respective segment, developing appropriate risk management strategies and introduce efficiency improvement measures to an optimal return and maximum stakeholder value.

Duties And Responsibilities

-Achievement of net profit growth for business.
-Drive an increase in average balance of specific portfolio of liabilities.
-Establish, align and manage target and budget goals whilst ensuring effective control of costs for a range of functional areas to increase cost efficiency.
-Develop a service culture which builds rewarding relationships, proposes innovations and allows others to provide exceptional client service.
-Build and maintain strategic relationships with internal and external parties to support the sales strategy
-Manage the growth of active customer Account Base to increase client base.
-Maximise Business Portfolio cross sell opportunities and strengthen client relationships. Facilitate channel migration of customers to ensure most effective way of banking customers
-Track, control and influence sales activities with the specific aim to achieve previously determined sales team targets.
-Define a portfolio growth strategy in line with predetermined growth targets, which are determined on an annual basis through conducting competitor analysis, providing innovating new value propositions and focusing on new as well as cross-sell opportunities.
-Monitor changes in legislation, regulations, initiatives and relevant industry practices. Ensure drafting and implementation of appropriate interventions. Ensure compliance with audit requirements.
-Develop Strategies to improve operational and cost efficiencies by tracking, controlling and influencing sales activities with the specific aim to increase sales efficiencies of the team.

Qualifications And Experience

-MBA or other equivalent business management degree.
-Qualification recognised by the FSCA Registrar.
-15 Years banking experience, of which 5 years at Executive level.
-Within the last 5 years must have more than one-year appropriate experience to manage or oversee the rendering of financial service for the categories for which the -FSP is licenced.
-Appointment as KI for FAIS representative for the area of responsibility.
-Person must not be an unrehabilitated insolvent.

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