Job Overview

Responsible for selling the companys life science products and services to various laboratories and life science professionals. Grow sales and increase market share

Key Performance Areas


  • Achieve set annual sales targets and increase revenue and market share
  • Travel to defined geographies to sell life science products
  • Build and manage relationships between the company and customers and/or relevant suppliers
  • Provide training, technical support and after sales service to customers on an ongoing basis
  • Meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Provide competitive information such as product specifications, pricing data, or bundling arrangements in order to establish negotiated pricing contracts for assigned products
  • Perform product demonstrations, installations, and application support
  • Improve product knowledge and sales techniques
  • Identifies the need for new products
  • Identify new clients and opportunities within existing business environment
  • Prepare quotations and ensure follow-up
  • Complete tenders accurately if needed
  • Monitor sales/backorders of products
  • Identify and manage exhibitions and congresses
  • Assist with sales support to branches


  • Be able to conduct research in order to identify competitors, their product strategies, future requirements of the market, market trends and identify areas of potential sales successes (Competitor Analysis)
  • Introduce and manage marketing strategies for present and future product ranges (under supervision)
  • Identify and manage exhibitions and congresses with management and support staff
  • Identify advertising and promotional requirements for the company
  • Ensure availability of marketing and sample material with the assistance of the internal sales support staff
  • Provide input on proposed special offers to Sales Manager in order to drive sales in a specific area
  • Compile Marketing Plans when new products are launched (under supervision)

Stakeholder Relations

  • Update suppliers/customers contact details
  • Assist with sales support to branches
  • Attend and participate in sales meetings
  • Ensure that applicable queries are escalated to suppliers when necessary
  • Build on relationships with principals to ensure support channels are present when required
  • Use initiative to liaise effectively with all stakeholders


  • Prepare quotations
  • Submit quotations/pro-forma invoices within 24 hours of request (under supervision if need be)
  • Follow-up on quotations/pro-forma invoices
  • Complete tenders accurately and submit prior to deadlines (under supervisions)
  • Submit reports to Sales Manager
  • Home based position and must have facility to accommodate this
  • Forecast sales (under supervision)
  • Update SAP Activities post customer visits or important telephone calls
  • Update Outlook Electronic Calendar and Activity reports on a daily basis
  • Manage conflict/complaints in an effective and professional manner
  • Create and share knowledge base with colleagues and customers
  • Problem solving
  • Being a team player
  • Input on price list updates


  • Attend quarterly compulsory SHEQ meetings
  • Adhere to companys SOPs

Qualifications and Experience

  • Diploma/Degree in the respective sector, preferably in the Life Science/ Laboratory Field, Biomedical Technology/BSC / experience in the relevant field
  • 3-5 years experience in the sales environment
  • Computer literate

Person Profile

Knowledge and Skills

  • Sound knowledge and understanding of the completion of administrative tasks according to procedures
  • Knowledge and understanding of the principles of business, the application thereof, the opportunities within business and the seizure of such opportunities
  • Sound Knowledge and understanding of the business objectives and interpretation thereof to achieve business success
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of the charging process, average period of payment and the impact on the commercial viability
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of the Code of Marketing Practice, the regulatory requirements, and the implication of non-compliance to the Code
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of the competitor products and services and the possible impact on the company
  • Knowledge and understanding of the modules and components of the SAP system to enable performance of outputs
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of the products and services provided by the organisation and the application of each product and service
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of the specific subject matter related to the field of expertise
  • Knowledge and understanding of how to present something formal or official, in the form of a document


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