Candidate Duties:
Checks the physical condition of the vehicle and records information on the vehicle checklist, including the relevant vehicles key and diesel card are signed for e.g. headlight, spare tyre, brakes, to ensure the vehicle is road safe and the driver takes responsibility for the vehicle and content.

Reports accidents or incidents e.g. scratches on the vehicle to the Dispatch supervisor if anything happens to the vehicle on a delivery round to a store or depot to ensure the correct procedure and protocol relating to accidents will be followed.

Reports to the Dispatch supervisor when a vehicle is due for a service to ensure vehicle maintenance and road safety.

Assists in loading parcels or boxes into the vehicle if required to save time, before delivering stock at the relevant laboratory or depot.

Receives and records relevant information on a trip sheet from the Dispatch supervisor e.g. location of where stock should be delivered laboratory or depot etc. to check travel time and for record purposes.

Delivers stock at the store or depot, ensuring that the parcels or boxes are signed for by the end-user as per working instruction, a control measure and record purposes.

Records discrepancies of stock in the Goods Return book and informs the supervisors immediately via telephonic conversation to ensure corrective action is taken.

Assists in house-keeping procedures when not delivering stock, to ensure a safe working environment.

Counts and records stock on a control checklist or counting sheet during the quarterly stock take of the warehouse, eliminating discrepancies relating to the counting procedure.

Minimum Requirements:
Appropriate Drivers License
PDP (Public Driver’s Permit)
Must have Grade 10 / Grade 12 preferable
2-3 years Relevant Working Experience none negotiable